About myonlinerep
myonlinerep is a unique online reputation management tool that scores your online reputation. We collect all the information available about you online and tell you what it means.
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About Us

What is myonlinerep?

myonlinerep is a unique reputation management tool that scores your online reputation. We collect a wide range of data about your online life and produce an easy to understand score so you know what all that information means. And we provide alerts and updates whenever there is a change to your online reputation.

Nearly all of us have an online reputation. Our social media profiles, online resumes, public record data and even our restaurant reviews all paint a picture of who we are and what we do.

Your online presence is usually the first way most people learn about you. How you appear online can determine which opportunities are open to you and which ones you are denied. Recruiters, colleagues, friends and even boyfriends and girlfriends are probably already learning about you based on your online reputation.

Consider a few facts:


  • Over 1 billion names are searched online every day
  • Around 50% of recruiters use online reputation information to evaluate candidates and consumers increasingly expect their online profile to have been reviewed before an interview
  • More than 75% of consumers report using search engines to learn more about their friends and people from their past.

myonlinerep helps you learn what information is available about you online and what it means. Our unique reputation score allows you to easily understand whether your profile is positive or negative and what you can do about it.

Who is behind myonelinerep?

myonlinerep is the brainchild of Isaac Wilson and Damian Karmelich.

Isaac has two decades of experience in big data analytics and marketing. He is the founder of KnowMe and resides in New Zealand.

Damian has been an executive in the business information and risk management industry with a particular focus on credit risk. He also works with technology and big data start-ups.

We are an Aussie and Kiwi start-up but the myonlinerep score is available to people from all countries so get your score now.